Matt Wolford
Matt Wolford

We’re not “Videographers” and here’s why!

So you're searching "Videographer for Hire". Here's what to expect.

Why the word "Videographer" often means "cheap".


The term "Videographer" often means a lone wolf.

You hop on to google and you type in “Videographer in Washington DC”. What you’ll more than likely find is results of many individuals with a camera and a portfolio of wedding videos. They are “Filmmakers” and “Storytellers”, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, what you’ll often see is that these videographers are one-man-bands. They fly solo. A videographer may work well for some projects, especially if the budget is limited. If less hands are in on the project, you can expect to pay less. However, you can expect your end product to lack in certain areas. Keep reading to learn why! 

Videographers do it all - but should they?

You may be able to find a videographer that can do it all. They take photos, make videos, build websites, and do some graphic design as well. This most often means that they are a jack of all trades, and a master of none. Sometimes this works really well for low budget projects (less than $1,000) where a new business owner needs some photo & video with a cheap logo. However, if you’re an established brand or company in the Washington DC area, your image matters. You need specialized experts that can provide you with results and a high end product. 

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Quality tends to suffer.

Most videographers have one goal in mind – to make a cool videos. Videographers often utilize flashy transitions and post-production effects to make a video appear quality, but that may not be the most effective video for your business. Videographers will produce content without proper lighting, audio equipment, and crew members. This results in a product that is satisfactory. What you need is a production company that focuses on producing videos that make an impact. 

They don't use the right tools for the job.

Imagine you bring your car to a car wash, and the attendant takes your car over to the wash bay. They start spraying your car with a pressure washer from 6 inches away, and wiping it down with dirty rag. Sure, your car may appear cleaner on the surface – but when you get close, you can see that your car has some major flaws now. 

This is often what you’ll find with videographers. They may have a great camera, but most cameras shoot 4K in today’s world. However, they most likely won’t utilize proper lighting & audio tools. They may not use ND filters in bright situations. They may only utilize cheap lenses that produce image distortion & improper colors. When you hire a production company and have a healthy budget, you can be sure that your team of experts at Wolford Media is going to be using the right tools for the job. 

Why you need a production company!

A production company is going to provide you with a team of creatives who have individual roles on a project. A produce will help you plan & organize your project, a gaffer will light the scene, a cinematographer will create a beautiful image, and the list goes on! 

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