Video Production

Wolford Media offers production services, including but not limited to: Commercial Video Production, Real Estate Video Production, Small Business Video Production and more. Our goal is to bring your vision to life through the use of creative videography  and storytelling. 

Video Production Services
We Offer

Corporate Video Production

When it comes to marketing your business, Video is a tool that every business needs to become familiar with. Wolford Media creates commercial style videos for you to market your business properly!

Real Estate Video Production

Real Estate Videography & Walk Through tours are one of our specialties. Realtors have claimed that our Walk Through tours have helped their listings sell at record speeds. Let’s get started!

Small Business Video Production

When it comes to telling your business’ story and creating effective branding content, a production crew is essential. We are here to help showcase your business in the best possible light.
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Our Process

1. Consultation

  • Learning about you
  • Determining scope of work
  • Establishing a budget
  • Creating a timeline

2. Pre-Production

  • Storyboarding your project
  • Writing a script
  • Establishing shot sequences
  • Production schedule
  • Location scouting

3. Production

  • Set design & lighting
  • Filming primary sequences
  • Capturing B-roll
  • Recording voice-overs

4. Post-Production

  • Organizing footage & audio
  • Creating sequences
  • Color correction
  • Color grading
  • Sound design

5. Delivery

  • Rough cut
  • Fine cut
  • Final cut
  • Promote your video!

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Our Work

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Video Marketing is a MUST

1 %

90% of your competition is using some for of video in their marketing campaigns.

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Digital Marketing

Studies show 55% of customers want to see more videos from brands they support

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95% of marketers use video in their ad campaigns. Don’t fall behind the market competition.

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