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How to Take Advantage of Video Marketing in Real Estate

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There's more to it than Video Walkthrough Tours!

When it comes to Real Estate Videography, most Real Estate Agents will instantly think of Video Walkthrough Tours. However, there is far more to Real Estate Video than filming homes. Real Estate Agents are experts at providing customers with solutions to their problems. Realtors need to be able to display their strengths as an Agent as effectively as possible to their audience, and using video is a great way to do that. In this article we’ll explain some key ways that Real Estate Agents can use video marketing to grow their Real Estate Business. 

1. Use Video to Differentiate your Real Estate Business

Some people may think that all Real Estate Agents are the same. However, if you’re an agent yourself, you’ll know that is absolutely not true. How do you get that message across as effectively as possible? Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to let your audience know about you & how you’re different than the rest. Video allows for potential clients to get an understanding of your personality, energy, and expertise in your field. You may be wondering what kind of video you need and where you market it, though. That’s why Wolford Media is here! Every Real Estate Agent has different niches, goals, and budgets, and Wolford Media can help you establish a great marketing video campaign to set yourself up for success. 

Just by using Video Marketing, you’re already differentiating yourself as an Agent. It lets the potential clients know that you invest in your business, and you’re all about quality & using the right marketing tools. All business owners want to make sure they see an ROI (return on investment), and video marketing is one of the ways that you can easily gain new clients and demand a higher percentage for your services. 

2. Provide Value to Potential Clients

As a Real Estate Agent, you already know that the market is constantly changing. We are currently in one of the craziest Real Estate markets we’ve ever seen, with home selling 20% over listing price. Using video marketing can help let your audience know that right now is a great time to be a seller, and that people will get far more for their properties now than they might in the upcoming months. You can also inform people about how to update their homes in order to get the top dollar when they sell.

In addition to letting clients know about the market, you can provide them with value in other ways. As an agent, you are an expert at bringing people together & are considered a referral expert. With video marketing, you can let your audience know that even if they’re not buying or selling, they can trust you for advice. They can come to you and ask for your opinion on who to use for a kitchen renovation, or who the best roofer is in the area. The best thing an agent can do is let their audience know that they can be trusted, and that you’re there to help them. This will ensure that when it’s time for someone to sell their home, they’ll be coming to you, and not the other agent!  

3. Keep Your Name in the Mix

As a Real Estate Agent, your name needs to be the first in someone’s mind when they consider buying or selling. If you’re been a lifelong friend of someone and they’re finally considering buying their first home, your name is probably going to be the first that they think of. However, what if you’re never posting new content online? They might not even remember that you’re a Real Estate Agent! You need to be constantly posting new video content to let your friends & family know that you mean business! Keep your name in their mind at all times by consistently marketing your business. 

Not only is this important in case your friends & family want to buy or sell, it is important in case the friends of your friends & family want to buy or sell! Most people find Real Estate Agents through personal referrals, and you want to be the one there to help them when they’re ready! When someone passes your name along to a friend, they’ll probably come check your social media out. When they see you consistently posting valuable & high quality video content, they’ll know you’re the real deal and want to do business with you. 

Pricing for Real Estate Videography

When it comes to pricing for Real Estate Videography services, pricing can vary depending on the market you’re in, how often you want to produce content, and what type of content you want to produce. When looking for Real Estate Videography in Northern Virginia, the best thing to do is hire a Video Production Company on a retainer to get consistent content. You’ll usually get the best rate possible, and it’ll force you to stick to a schedule to put out content consistently. 

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