Drew Wolford
Drew Wolford

Media Production for First Love Brewery

About First Love Brewery

Down south in the sunshine state, First Love Brewing is making waves in the Fernandina Beach community. First Love has only been open for a year and they’ve already made quite the name for themselves. Owners Jessie and Kevin O’Brien are not only brewing deliciously thirst-quenching beers, they are also cooking up incredible food that will forever change your brewery food expectations.

Learn more about their story and how they’ve not only stayed open during a pandemic, but also found ways to give back to the community many times throughout the past year. 

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First Love Brewing

First Love's One Year Anniversary

First Love Brewing celebrates their first year in business! Listen to owner Kevin O’Brien talk about the adversity they were able to overcome during a pandemic. Not only did this brewpub successfully navigate its way through a difficult year, they also found ways to give back to the Fernandina Beach community in Florida.

About First Love's Menu

While First Love’s menu may not be as big as other brewpubs or local restaurants, owners, Jessie and Kevin O’Brien decided they wanted to do a small menu and do everything extremely well. Learn how Kevin and Jessie came up with First Love’s menu in this short interview.

Pizza, Beer & Wings? Yes, Please!

Brewery Marketing Videos For Instagram

Media Production for Breweries 

Video Production for First Love Brewing
This large scale project was highly planned to produce not only creative and aesthetic content, but more importantly, to accurately tell First Love’s story. Video content was produced with multi-angle camera shots, high quality external audio, and professional lighting. Click here to learn more about our production process.

If you’re in need of a highly-skilled video production agency, we are always happy to talk and see how we can help!
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Visit First Love

First Love Brewing in Fernandina Beach, Florida

First Love brewing is located on 22 S 8th St in Fernandina Beach, Florida. 

First Love Brewing Fernandina Beach Florida

Located Near By

If you’re from out of town, stop by First Love for a beer and then check out the historic Fort Clinch State Park. It’s only three minutes away!

Image provided by Florida State Parks

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