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ECS Consulting in Chantilly, Virginia

About ECS Geotechnical Engineering in Chantilly, Virginia

ECS Geotechnical Engineering Chantilly Virginia
About ECS

ECS is a geotechnical engineering company that also provides environmental consulting services across the United States. With more than 75 locations, ECS has the ability to service clients all over the U.S. In addition, ECS has the resources to operate an extensive paid-intern program that provides individuals with real-world skills and opportunities.

Learn more about ECS at: www.ECSlimited.com

Wolford Media aided ECS Limited in their marketing & intern recruitment campaign by producing a series of informative videos about what ECS has to offer. This highly planned out project resulted in 11 extremely high quality videos that ECS was able to utilize in multiple facets. With the help of Wolford Media, ECS Ltd. was able to produce a series of videos that will absolutely have a return on their investment. 

Watch and learn more about ECS and their intern program in the two videos we produced for the Mid-Atlantic branch in Chantilly, Virginia. 

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Watch & Learn About ECS' Intern Program


“Here at ECS, your internship is the first step in becoming a full-time employee. We want to hire our full-time staff through intern program.” 

– Tricia Shelton, ECS University Talent Manager

Day In The Life

Hear from the interns themselves what it’s like to work for ECS. To learn about the opportunities and skills they picked up during their summer internship, check out this short day in the life video.

ECS in Chantilly, Virginia

ECS’ Mid-Atlantic branch is located at 14026 Thunderbolt Pl Suite 300, Chantilly, VA 20151. For reference, it is right off of Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy. 

Video Production in Chantilly, Virginia

Video Production for ECS
Wolford Media collaborated with ECS Ltd. to conduct a highly planned video production project over the span of several months. This project was conducted with multi-camera shots, high quality external audio, and professional lighting. Click here to learn more about our production process.

If you’re in need of a highly-skilled video production agency in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, we are always happy to talk and see how we can help! Is your business located outside of the Washington D.C. area? That’s not a problem, we are happy to travel between Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland. Click here to view our locations. To schedule a discovery call today, just click the button below!

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