Drew Wolford
Drew Wolford

Media Production for Capone’s Jewelry

About Capone's Jewelry

Located in the heart of the New River Valley, Capone’s Jewelry has been a household name since 1986. Capone’s Jewelry is a family run business that has made a career on doing things a little differently. The Capone’s are family of artists, the father, Truman Capone is an illustrator and sketches all of the custom pieces out before fabrication begins. After the initial designs are drafted up, Faith, Truman’s wife and business partner starts crafting the actual pieces of jewelry. The Capone’s son, Austin, is also a jeweler and works alongside his mom creating timeless pieces of art that fill their display cases. 

Learn more about their story here: Capone’s Jewelry

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Capone's Jewelry

The Infinity Ring - A Short Film

In this short documentary you will see how the Capones work together to create a wedding band modeled after the Marvel Infinity Gauntlet. 

If you’re looking for custom jewelry in Blacksburg, Virginia, Capone’s Jewelry is the place to go.

Crafting The Infinity Ring

An Interview with Austin Capone

After months of hard work and many unforeseen roadblocks due to the pandemic, the Infinity Ring was finished. Learn about the entire process of creating the Infinity Ring with Austin Capone of Capone’s Jewelry. 

Capone's Jewelry Holiday Special

When the holidays roll around, what better way is there to say I love you than with a handcrafted piece of jewelry? If you’re looking for something special, Capone’s Jewelry is the best of the best in the Blacksburg area. 

Here is a short holiday special we created for their social media marketing. 

Media Production for Jewelry Stores 

Photo & Video Production for Capone’s Jewelry
Video content was produced with multi-angle camera shots, high quality external audio, and professional lighting.
Click here to learn more about our production process.

If you’re in need of a highly-skilled video production agency, or simply just some product photography for jewelry we are always happy to talk and see how we can help!
Is your business located outside of the Virginia area? That’s not a problem, we are happy to travel. To schedule a discovery call today, just click the button below!

Visit Capone's Jewelry

Capone's Jewelry In Blacksburg, VA

Capone’s Jewelry is located at 301 S Main St in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Located Near By

Just across the street is Mellow Mushroom and they’ve got some of the best pizza in town. If you’re looking to go for a little stroll, Virginia Tech’s campus is just five minutes away. 

Great hikes within 30 mins of Blacksburg: 

Pandapas Pond Blacksburg Virginia
Cascades Blacksburg Virginia
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